About Us

Brisk GlobServ LLP

BRISK GLOBSERV LLP (BGS), is a global information technology, outsourcing and lead generation company serving clients in 4 countries.

In the age of cloud based software services, technology consumption patterns across enterprises have shifted drastically, resulting in an increased emphasis on sustained customer engagement. Multichannel, context-aware marketing has become crucial to deliver the Right Message to the customer at the Right Time and the Right Place.

Our diversified portfolio enlist reputed names from all folds of life which comprehensively consists of Industrial products , Healthcare and Pharma , Realty and Hospitality , Retail , Automatives, Information Technology, Accounts & Finance and even Oil and gas sector. Domain of our expertise has enabled us to maintain and enhance long and rewarding association with our valuable clients, we continuously thrive to deliver quantifiable and time bound solutions by using effective quantitative and qualitative research techniques to design and conduct surveys on a technologically innovative platform thereby impart genuine, in depth analytical reports which enables our partners to maintain a competitive edge over some prominent players.